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Election 2016

To find out what's really going on inside the head of Election campaigners this year, your really have to go to the trusted source. The Irish Times. You are what you read

We all make mistakes. But buying a Volkswagen will never be one of them.

To be effective, ads need to be noticed. To be noticed, sometimes you need to push the boat out a bit. Volkswagen became Ireland's number 1 car brand six weeks after these 3 little ads came out.

The Irish Times. You are what you read.

Here's the first 3 of 8 short documentary films we've produced for The Irish Times. These spots feature the people behind the words. The Irish Times. You are what you read.


National Newspapers of Ireland Ad of the Year Winner

Volkswagen's have brilliant resale value. The Judges thought this was a clever and pared back way of communicating the fact. Well done Niamh and Rog the creatives involved.

  • MemoryFB 559x317

Wall & Keogh Print Campaign

A series of quirky, attention-grabbing print ads were developed for Wall & Keogh - a young tea shop in Dublin’s fashionable Portobello area. The shop offers a wide range of organic teas and is working to bring tea into the 21st century. The campaign centred around cleverly linking famous quotes to particular blends.

  • Skoda-Yeti-School-559x317

SKODA Winter Print Campaign

In light of the terrible weather conditions experienced during the previous two winters, we ran a campaign to remind drivers of the terrible weather conditions, educate drivers on SKODA's excellent range of 4x4s and convince those in the market for a new car that Irish weather justifies a 4x4. The 'Murphy's' execution is a wonderful insight into the problems associated with the Irish winter. We loved that this ad perfectly matched SKODA's brand values. It's a clever ad that makes you smile. Clearly the Irish public agreed as SKODA sold out of all 4x4s by December. The NNI nominated the 'Murphy's' ad for Press Ad of the Year.

There’s History In The Baking

In these challenging times it’s heartening to be reminded that many of our fondest and proudest memories are in the not too distant past. ‘Through the Ages’ is a clever reminder of how far we have come and how Johnston Mooney and O'Brien have been there through it all. Heart warming historical images combined with an emotive track celebrate the true essence of Ireland and Irishness.

Love At Second Sight?

Nearly a year ago we developed the KBC commercial 'LUAS', depicting an unassuming man suddenly finding himself the focus of a beautiful woman's attention. Sadly it transpired she was more interested in KBC Bank's poster. 10 months on, would our man finally get the woman of his dreams? Have a look to find out.

  • JMOB-toasted-559x317

England Get Toasted By Ireland’s Favourite Bread Company

The English cricket team got beaten and this ad got highly praised in the National Newspapers Press Ad of the Year competition – as the judges noted: “This is a great tactical ad. When you get an amazing coincidence like this one (three Irish cricketers called JM&O'B), you have to go for it and they did, they really grabbed it, which is wonderful.” As we’re an alert and creative thinking bunch, we managed to get this ad in the papers the day after Ireland’s surprise victory.

  • Come Dive With Me 559x317.indd

Butterkrust is Back!

Tidy your kitchens, polish up your butter knife and get your bread bins ready - Butterkrust is Back!! Johnston Mooney & O’Brien have re-launched the original round-top family pan due to popular demand. The campaign is supported by in-store POS, TV, Radio, Outdoor & Press but there is little doubt in our minds that Butterkrust will fly of the shelves – especially if Mrs. Connemara herself keeps making those delicious sambos!

  • skoda_0157 559x317

SKODA Airport OOH Campaign

We are delighted to announce that SKODA has just launched an exciting OOH campaign in Terminal 1, Dublin Airport. The reason that we are so excited is that this is advertising in its purest form - a great idea executed effectively. The campaign centers on decals depicting the rear of a SKODA Superb Combi placed on the entrances to baggage carousels. The message that the SKODA Superb Combi has the biggest boot space in its class is delivered in a very unique and clever way. In fact, as soon as SKODA's Marketing Manager was presented with the idea his reaction was - "Say no more. Brilliant idea - let's make it."

  • SEAT Leon
  • Star 13x7 Final 559x317

SEAT Leon – UEFA Cup Final in Dublin

The recent UEFA Europa Cup Final was played in Dublin with SEAT Ireland as one of the main sponsors. To mark the occasion and help raise the profile of the SEAT Leon, we created a Press Campaign using football language to talk about this sporty model.  

  • KBC Mortgages-1
  • KBC Deposits-1

KBC Bank – Deposits & Mortgages

When KBC Bank employed us to work on their first major communications campaign we were excited. A bank in Ireland that wasn't overcome by debt and was actually looking to expand business signaled a rare opportunity. The key to promoting the brand lay in its operational philosophy for the last 35 years - everything KBC Bank Ireland does is governed by sense. That is why they were able to promote at a time when their competitors were cutting back. All we had to do was communicate the power of sense - it’s a pretty powerful message when so many others had lost their own sense!

HB Hazelbrook Farm – Chocolaloco Ice Cream

New Chocolaloco is a little bit crazy and so are the Radio spots we created for the latest ice cream from HB Hazelbrook Farm. You can listen here to stories of thieving cows on a mission to reclaim their milk and ultimately justice being done! This accompanied the DDB Amsterdam produced TV commercial 'Ninja Cows'.

  • Indo Weekender TV Strips-1 559x317
  • Indo Weekender TV Strips-2 559x317
  • Indo Weekender TV Strips-3 559x317
  • Indo Weekender TV Strips-4 559x317
  • Yellow Tail
  • Indo Weekender TV Strips-6 559x317
  • Yellow Tail

Yellowtail – Win A Trip Down Under

These cheeky strip ads were created to help promote the recent Yellowtail Facebook competition to win a holiday to Australia. They were created to sit across the seven pages of the TV isting and the copy relates to the various days of the week while showcasing the varieties within the Yellowtail label. Ripper Mate!

  • Skoda Letter to Government.indd

Skoda – Letter to Government

Skoda's open letter to the newly elected Government boldly suggested that they 'make a real impact' in their first 100 days in office by replacing the extravagant Government Fleet with the 'more environmentally friendly & better value' Skoda Superb. It was estimated the saving would be €0.5 million. Skoda also offered five Superb cars for a free, three-month trial - an offer Minister for Transport, Leo Varadkar took up. The ad got mentions on Joe Duffy (Radio 1), George Hook (Newstalk) & Twitter. Then, less than a week after the letter ran, the Irish Government announced their decision to abolish the Ministerial Fleet.

  • METROPOLE 559x317
  • CITY IMPACT 559x317
  • photo 559x317

Neutrogena – Multi Defence

Multi Defence is the latest innovative moisturiser from Neutrogena offering protection against the 5 main causes of skin damage - Wind, Sun, Heat, Cold & Pollution. To compliment the international Press & TV, we developed an extensive Outdoor & Digital campaign. We created T-sides, City Impacts, Metropoles & Luas posters along with branded Eco Cabs to reach consumers when they are experiencing the impact of the environment on their skin. This was also accompanied by a clever & engaging digital campaign. Live action footage was used to create a game where an unsuspecting girl is subjected to the elements by the user.

  • Skoda Yeti Clarkson.indd

Skoda – Jeremy Clarkson

On the back of a very positive review from Jeremy Clarkson, we produced this clever ad for the Skoda Yeti. It went on to win NNI Press Ad of the Month based on its single-minded clarity. Judges said it was a 'simple, clean & bold presentation' & 'an excellent piece of clear communication - strong branding combined with just enough copy'. This is a good example of the impact a tactical advert can have & a testament to what can be achieved when a client & agency work in sync.

  • Batchelors Toast
  • Batchelors Sausages
  • Batchelors Potato

Batchelors – The Secret’s in The Sauce

OwensDBB created a series of three 10 second TV ads for Batchelors Beans. The campaign centres on beautifully shot and very appetizing images of traditional meals that just wouldn't be the same without Batchelors. The campaign tagline 'The Secret's in the Sauce' is rooted in a fascinating product truth: Batchelors have been successfully using the same great tasting recipe for their baked beans since 1935.

  • RoC Hydra+
  • RoC Hydra+
  • RoC HYDRA+


Irish model & presenter Laura Whitmore was chosen as the face of HYDRA+ - a new moisturiser from RoC offering a just-moisturised feel for 24 hours. Laura was a perfect fit for the brand - young, fresh and relevant to the Irish consumer. Following a one-day shoot with London-based photographer Alisa Connan, we used the stunning yet natural shots of Laura to create Press, Advertorial & Outdoor layouts.

  • Rimmel 123 Looks
  • Rimmel StarChic

Rimmel – 123 Looks Mascara

Rimmel launched their new 123 Looks Mascara with Georgia May Jagger as the face of the product in May 2010. To announce the arrival of this innovative product, we created a number of inventive Press ads including the layout for the Sunday Independent seen here. We also produced a striking cover flap for KISS Magazine along with 3 ads - highlighting the 3 looks - appearing on consecutive pages in Star Chic.

Johnston, Mooney & O’Brien – Paddy and Jim

Johnston, Mooney and O’Brien is an iconic Irish brand with a long and rich heritage. At the same time, it plays an important role in the lives of people in modern Ireland. The ‘Paddy and Jim’ commercial portrays an Ireland that is at once timeless and contemporary. Traditional rural Irish values are given a modern twist as we realise Paddy and Jim’s lives are as sophisticated as anyone else in post Celtic Tiger Ireland. Central to Paddy and Jim’s lives is Johnston, Mooney and O’Brien bread. It’s what they’ve always eaten, though perhaps not always with the more adventurous fillings we now see them enjoying in the commercial.

Volkswagen – Dog

In 2008 the Volkswagen Polo was the first vehicle in its class to come with air conditioning as standard. Our brief was to highlight this. And what better way to do so than taking the recognisably everyday image of a dog enjoying the breeze through the window of a car and turning that image on its head. Initially a devised as a poster, this campaign proved so successful that it ultimately ran on TV and online.