Changing alcohol-related behaviour.

New DrinkAware. New Identity. New Website.

Recently DrinkAware changed their strategy, governance and structure. This meant a new brand identity, new messaging and in turn a new website.

Owens DDB were tasked with redesigning their website from the ground up. With over 80% of visitors accessing the site through mobile or tablet, it was imperative that we design from a mobile-first perspective (the previous incarnation of the website wasn’t optimised whatsoever for mobile).

The Process

We started out by mapping the current website structure and then analysing which areas needed to stay and which areas could go. From that we created low-fidelity prototypes (wireframes) that we tested with stakeholders and website users to make sure we were addressing both groups needs.

Design Process


Design and development followed and the website was given a modern look and feel to be inline with DrinkAware’s new brand guidelines.
The result is a website that is 100% focussed on the user, makes it easy for them to get the facts on alcohol and its effects, and is simple and intuitive for DrinkAware staff to upload content to. As with all websites design is an ongoing process and we look forward to adding more functionality to the site, particularly the drinks’ calculator later this year. Visit to see the site.

Working with Steve, Gavin and the team at Owens DDB has been a pleasure. From the first meeting to the start of our website development, they’ve been right with us offering advice, expertise and guidance at every stage. Just take a look at our website, the proof is there! The guys at Owens DDB know what they’re doing and they’re always happy to pick up the phone and help out if you need it. We would absolutely recommend Owens DDB to anyone looking to start a new website project.

DrinkAware’s mission...

is to work with others to fundamentally and permanently change attitudes and behaviours so that drinking to excess and drinking underage become unacceptable. They do this by raising awareness, creating understanding and supporting behaviour change through evidence-led education and effective communications. While they had a web presence it no longer represented what they were about.


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DrinkAware’s mission...