Life behind the lens.

Lidl Video Shoot:

Ever watch a video and wonder what the people speaking into the camera are looking at? Are there an army of producers, camera men, sound engineers, make up artists and directors staring back at them? Is there every move being watched, every word scrutinised, every hand gesture and act of body language contrived? Is there some eccentric director with a megaphone barking orders and yelling “CUT” at every minuscule error or omission? Sounds a bit “Hollywood” doesn’t it? Well wonder no more!

We recently worked with Lidl to produce a video explaining how they strive to make a positive difference by operating responsibly. “A Better Tomorrow” includes a piece to camera from Managing Director, J.P. Scally and we managed to take a few sneaky photos of the people behind the lenses. Take a look at the crew at work and then watch the video safe in the knowledge that there was no one brandishing any megaphones or yelling angrily!

Click here to learn more about the steps Lidl are taking to build “A Better Tomorrow” and watch the full video below.

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