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We’re a curious bunch here at Owens DDB.
Curious about your brand, your business, your consumer’s behaviour.
We question everything. Because questions unearth truths. And truths lead to compelling creative communications.
And compelling creative communications grow brands and businesses.

Recent Stuff

circle_black2 The Irish Times

The way we digest news is evolving. More and more people are migrating from paper to digital.

But why would anyone pay for an online newspaper when you can get it for free on other sites?

We reckon the quality of our news, opinions and analysis is what separates us from our competition.

That’s why we always feature one of our writers in our ads. Because at the end of the day, you are what you read.

circle_black2 Maxol


Maxol are all about quality. From the fuel they sell to the food they serve. To us, that was interesting. But not as interesting as the fact that many of Maxol’s stores are owned and run by local business people.

Because if the owner is part of the community, it’s no surprise they look after their customers so well.

And the product experience backs this up.

With Maxol, you’ll always come out feeling better than when you went in.

circle_black2 Chef


Who is “The Chef”? Despite being an integral part of the product for many years, the character had amounted to nothing more than a face on a bottle. We changed that.

By bringing Chef to life we had a way of reconnecting with the consumer on an informal level. And with production of Chef Sauces recently returning to Dublin, it was only fitting we made him a true Dub.

We utilised social media, online content and online content partnerships to re-establish the brand’s presence. And by injecting some personality into the man with the white hat, we transformed Chef from a face on a bottle, to a character that connected with Irish people.

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